Research Centers

Collaboration leads to innovation

Indiana University has hundreds of research centers, institutes, and museums spread across its campuses, each of them drawing people together to pursue new understandings and discoveries. Below are highlights of just a few special centers.

Indiana University Network Science Institute

In our ever more interconnected social, economic, and technological planet, we are all part of networks, from inside our brains to the global economy. The interdisciplinary IUNI is dedicated to expanding research and development in the field of network science, which explores the connectivity and dynamics of the diverse complex networks underlying large-scale systems such as the environment, economics, technology and human health.

Kinsey Institute

The Kinsey Institute fosters and promotes a greater understanding of human sexuality in all its diversity. Established by Alfred Kinsey in 1947, the institute focuses on research regarding sexual identity and gender diversity; reproductive health; aging and sexuality; the effects of sexual assault and aggression on relationships, and more. They also maintain a valued research library and extensive print, film, and fine art collections.


IUPUI Arts and Humanities Institute

Established in 2012, the IUPUI Arts & Humanities Institute supports research and creative activity across the IUPUI campus and fosters ongoing partnerships and ventures that advance arts and humanities endeavors. As an urban-based institute, the IAHI works closely with the Indianapolis community to create engaging new programming and forums for dialogue, creativity, and experiment.

Ostrom Workshop

The Ostrom Workshop was founded at Indiana University in 1973 by Nobel laureate Elinor Ostrom and her husband, Vincent. The workshop carries forward that legacy by seeking and sharing solutions to the world’s most pressing problems involving the governance of communal and contested resources— from clean water to secure cyberspace.