September 4, 2020 - IU Research Impact: COVID-19 update

IU School of Medicine selected as a site for Phase III COVID-19 vaccine

As researchers around the world work to discover a vaccine to prevent COVID-19, Indiana University School of Medicine has been selected as a site to test AZD1222, a vaccine being developed by biopharmaceutical company AstraZeneca, in partnership with Oxford University. This Phase III clinical trial is the last required stage of study before the potential vaccine can be approved by the Food and Drug Administration for widespread public use.

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Cleaning products used to stop COVID-19 may also cause harm

Cleaning and disinfecting have gone to new levels during the pandemic, but new research from IU suggests increased use of chemicals may pose health risks on its own.

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Shelter-in-place orders bring loneliness, depression for older adults

Older adults have experienced greater depression and loneliness during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a new IU study, but close social networks offer protection.

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New online tool connects students to history, one another

During a spring 2020 history class on Black Death, an IU historian found that a data visualization tool for humanities teaching not only improved students' engagement with history but also their connections to one another.

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Honoring Recovery Month 2020

In the past six months, the nation has battled a crisis that has consumed us and changed the way we live. But it is not the only crisis the U.S. faces. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, millions of Americans were battling the addictions crisis — and it hasn’t gone away. IU researchers have remained strong in their efforts to combat an issue that threatens even more due the pandemic.

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Featured Expert

Lead scientist on a study of statewide random testing aimed at measuring the spread of the novel coronavirus in Indiana, health policy and public health expert Nir Menachemi is gathering some of the first truly representative data on coronavirus infection rates at a state level. Menachemi and his team found that 2.8% of the state’s population had been infected and that minority communities – especially Hispanic communities – have been hit much harder by the virus. Menachemi’s expertise in infection rates has drawn attention from many news sources, including NPR, WBEZ-Chicago, ABC News Australia, and The Conversation.

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Nir Menachemi

COVID-19 Funding Opportunities

The NIH seeks applications to the Urgent Phase I/II Clinical Trials to Repurpose Existing Therapeutic Agents to Treat COVID-19 Sequelae program to repurpose existing therapeutic agents to treat COVID-19 sequelae and associated complications that result from SARS-CoV-2 infections. The therapeutic agent must have already completed at least a Phase I clinical trial for a different indication, and not require additional regulatory studies for the new indication prior to starting a clinical trial. Award is $3,000,000; rolling deadline beginning August 6, 2020.