Science and Technology

Making discoveries that change our world

From increasing our understanding of ancient life to protecting today’s world to finding new cures for debilitating diseases, investments in fundamental science and technology research at Indiana University lead to results with far-reaching impacts.

Quantum science and engineering at IU

Discovering new quantum materials

IU researchers such as Phil Richerme are working on quantum simulation technology that would be the first of its kind, offering unprecedented opportunities to address questions in quantum physics.


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IU expands expertise in quantum information science

A National Science Foundation grant will establish a new faculty fellow position in the revolutionary field of quantum theory and computing.


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Tantalizing hints of new physics in QCD

Quantum chromodynamics, or QCD, is the theory of the strong interaction between quarks and gluons. Steven Gottlieb, a leading scholar of QCD research, is using the power of supercomputing to explore ‘tantalizing hints' of new physics in discrepancies between experimental and theoretical results.

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