April 16, 2021 - IU Research Impact

A Special Grand Challenges Summit

Video still of Grand Challenges Virtual Summit

On April 13, Indiana University celebrated the progress and accomplishments of its Grand Challenges Program with a virtual Grand Challenges Summit exploring the impact of these collaborative initiatives on the lives of everyday Hoosiers. The summit video and accompanying publication features Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb, IU President Michael A. McRobbie, and IU alumna and ESPN anchor Sage Steele, and is hosted by Gerry Dick of "Inside Indiana Business".

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Leading the way toward precision health

Illnesses such as cancer, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s disease touch the lives of countless Hoosiers every year. IU’s Precision Health Grand Challenge Initiative is developing new and better disease treatments, such as novel breast cancer immunotherapy, which can harness the body's immune system to target and destroy cancer cells.

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Preparing Hoosier communities, businesses for consequences of changing weather

IU’s Prepared for Environmental Change Grand Challenge launched the Hoosier Resilience Index in 2019, through its Environmental Resilience Institute. Over the last year and a half, 27 Hoosier communities have used the index to learn about their vulnerabilities to climate change and better prepare to meet them.

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Fighting a crisis and making a difference

IU’s Responding to the Addictions Crisis Grand Challenge has 32 research teams at work on new treatment and training options; prevention and harm reduction; law and policy; workforce issues; and ways to reduce the burden of stigma associated with drug use.

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Hoosiers view collaboration as crucial for Indiana

A new statewide survey commissioned as part of the IU Grand Challenges program reveals that three out of four Hoosiers agree universities in Indiana have a responsibility to help improve their surrounding communities, and a majority support universities partnering with policymakers and government officials.

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Resources and events

The Prepared for Environmental Change Grand Challenge will host a special Earth Day webinar on April 22, at 11 a.m.

IU's Precision Health Initiative Grand Challenge offers the monthly Health Care Triage podcast, hosted by Dr. Aaron Carroll, who explores health care policy, medical research and many other questions about medicine, health, and health care.

The "In This Together” project, a partnership through the IU Responding to the Addictions Crisis Grand Challenge and the Indianapolis Coalition for Patient Safety, serves as a community resource for those wanting to learn more about the topic of substance use disorder and how to help.

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