April 19, 2022 - IU Research Impact

Documenting Indiana’s history of anti-Black violence

IUPUI public history researchers are working to document Indiana's history of anti-Black violence. Pictured is the grave of George Tompkins, who was lynched in Indianapolis 100 years ago.

IU researchers and students are helping people understand the history of racism and anti-Black violence in Indiana, an education that is necessary to begin the process of building towards racial reconciliation in the United States.

Fostering innovation

A new IU Faculty Startup Accelerator Program will help faculty and staff turn their research discoveries and professional insights into viable businesses, accelerating technology commercialization for IU.

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Hands-on learning

To understand today’s cyber threats, students in the School of Engineering and Technology at IUPUI are seeking collaborative cybersecurity degrees, participating in impactful research and working with real-world clients to provide cybersecurity support.

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Funding opportunities and resources


  • The Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute's (CTSI) IU Bloomington Retreat takes place virtually on April 26. This year's theme is "Impact of sociology in health and wellness in times of social change." The event is free. Registration is available online.
  • Mary Murphy, Herman B. Wells Endowed Professor of Psychological and Brain Sciences, will present the 2022 Distinguished Faculty Research Award and Lecture, "Faculty as Culture Creators: The Role of Faculty Mindset in Student Success" at 3 p.m. on May 2 at the IU Cinema. The event is open to the public and can also be viewed via Zoom.