April 23, 2021 - IU Research Impact

The coming of Brood X: IU experts tell us what to expect


Brood X is coming. Millions upon millions of red-eyed cicadas are about to reemerge, predicted to be especially intense in Southern Indiana. IU biologists offer some guidance on what to expect.

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Improving farm ownership among marginalized groups

Beginning farmers face obstacles such as land access, which are compounded for farmers of color and women. An IU research team from the O'Neill School of Public and Environmental Affairs aims to aid rural communities by helping a new generation of farmers enter the field.

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Blow flies may be key to tracking ecosystem change

A wealth of information provided by blow flies may revolutionize the way biologists investigate global ecosystem issues, especially in the era of climate change, according to research from IUPUI's School of Science.

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Does competition leave a lasting mark on the brain?

IU researchers found that competition among female songbirds changed brain activity related to energy and aggression, with some effects lasting for days. Results of the study demonstrate the potential of competition’s lasting impact on the brain and are published in "Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences."

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'Heroes' make Indiana healthier, more sustainable place

IU’s Environmental Resilience Institute has honored 13 Hoosier Resilience Heroes for contributions to their communities and the environment, including growing sustainable food, promoting environmental justice, advancing clean energy, and more.

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