May 21, 2021 - IU Research Impact

AI goes rural: IU, NSWC Crane partner on new program for middle-school students

A new program, piloted by the IU School of Education and Luddy School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering at IU Bloomington along with NSWC Crane, will help prepare more students for futures with AI.

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A hopeful place for students in recovery

Students struggling with substance use disorder receive support in maintaining their sobriety through an after-school program, run by an IUPUI student, at the only high school in Indiana for students in recovery, Hope Academy.

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Researching 'big questions' of life, death

A research team led by IU’s Chandan Sen will explore why human cells and tissues strive for life even after death, as part of the John Templeton Foundation’s ‘Science & the Big Questions’ initiative.

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Creating an international forum for business research

A new international platform for business faculty to share their thought leadership and research expertise in many areas has been created through a partnership between the IU's Global Gateway Network and Kelley School of Business.

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Making complex systems more resilient, robust

Two AI experts at IU Bloomington are studying how multilayer networks intersect and interact to better understand complex systems and how to make them more resilient and robust.

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