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Antisemitism, and lead exposure

April 30, 2021—IU researcher Sarah Imhoff discusses the FBI’s relationship to Judaism, and IUPUI researchers help neighborhoods address the risks of lead in water. View a text transcript of the audio.

Racism, and cybersecurity

April 28, 2021IU professor Paul Halverson breaks down the need to declare racism a public health threat, and cybersecurity expert Scott Shackelford discusses whether the FBI breaking into corporate computers to remove malicious code is smart cyber defense or government overreach. View a text transcript of the audio.


Ticks, and traumatic brain injuries

April 26, 2021—IU researchers give tips for avoiding ticks during the warm weather months, and a study with IU researchers points to the challenges patients with traumatic brain injuries face in navigating the health care system. View a text transcript of the audio.

Suicide, and older adults

April 23, 2021— An IU study shows males, Blacks, and sexual minorities are increasingly at risk of attempting suicide, and IUPUI’s Polis Center releases a study on the trends and changes in the needs of older adults. View a text transcript of the audio.


Bird banding station, and Hoosier Resilience Heroes

April 21, 2021—IU researchers are tracking bird populations to learn about how birds are adapting to environmental change, and in advance of Earth Day, IU honors 13 Hoosier Resilience Heroes for contributions to their communities and the environment. View a text transcript of the audio.


Cicadas, and SARS variants

April 19, 2021—IU researchers discuss the upcoming emergence of billions of cicadas, and an IU professor breaks down SARS-CoV-2 variants. View a text transcript of the audio.

University-state collaboration, and community futures

April 16, 2021—A majority of Hoosiers view university-policymaker collaboration as crucial for Indiana, and despite many challenges, 85% of local elected officials are optimistic about their communities’ future. View a text transcript of the audio.

Medication Assisted Treatment, and depression

April 14, 2021—An IU study finds federal law falls short when it comes to increasing buprenorphine prescriptions by nurse practitioners, and a breakthrough study by the IU School of Medicine offers a promising blood test for depression and mood disorders. View a text transcript of the audio.

IU's Grand Challenges

April 12, 2021—IU’s three Grand Challenges focus on large-scale problems facing humanity including addictions, environmental change and precision health. View a text transcript of the audio.

Asian American discrimination, and diversity in occupational therapy

April 9, 2021—An IU expert discusses the unprecedented support for Asian Americans after recent attacks, and an IU researcher is working to diversify the field of occupational therapy. View a text transcript of the audio.

Fighting animals, and 401k

April 7, 2021—Indiana University researchers are studying the effects of competition on the brain, and a business professor offers a key to building wealth. View a text transcript of the audio.

George Floyd, and gardening

April 5, 2021—An IU researcher looks into why George Floyd’s death outraged so many Americans, and an IU environmentalist offers tips for sustainable gardening. View a text transcript of the audio.

Childhood vaccines, and sex after the pandemic

April 2, 2021—Preliminary results from an Indiana University study find some parents do not plan to vaccinate their children, and IU’s Kinsey Institute conducts research about post-pandemic sex. View a text transcript of the audio.

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