February 2021

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Business disparities, and exercise

February 26, 2021—Indiana University scholars discuss why Black and Hispanic small-business owners have been so badly hit in the pandemic recession, and an IU expert provides simple tips for staying active. View a text transcript of the audio.

Breast cancer, and auto recalls

February 24, 2021—An IU discovery shows results against triple negative breast cancer, and IU research on auto recalls shows carmakers delay announcements until they "hide in the herd". View a text transcript of the audio.

Opioid policies, and activists

February 22, 2021—An Indiana University study found state opioid policies might have unintended consequences, and an IU professor and activist is using art to help activists avoid burnout. View a text transcript of the audio.


COVID testing, and sustainability

February 19, 2021—A breath test that could detect COVID-19, and how the pandemic has affected sustainability progress. View a text transcript of the audio.

HOPE, and social media

February 17, 2021—IU professors help incarcerated youth develop employment skills, and an IU scientist says language on social media predict depression in users. View a text transcript of the audio.


Black History Month, and lead

February 15, 2021—An IU researcher discusses Black History Month and the work America still has to do, and IU scientist discusses the ongoing issue of lead contamination. View a text transcript of the audio.

Masculinity, and social media

February 12, 2021—An IU study examines Latino masculinity, and an IU student has developed an app to help people identify how social media is affecting their mental health. View a text transcript of the audio.

Effects of the pandemic, and gut bacteria

February 10, 2021—A study by IU sociologists identifies who is being hit hardest by the COVID-19 pandemic, and an IU scientist discusses recent research that shows how maternal gut bacteria can disrupt the mother-child relationship. View a text transcript of the audio.


Libido, and HIPAA

February 8, 2021—An IU researcher discusses some myths around sex drives, and an IU cybersecurity expert privacy risks posed by Amazon Pharmacy. View a text transcript of the audio.


College COVID-19 response, and mental health

February 5, 2021—IU’s Aaron Carroll discusses how colleges and universities have figured out how to diagnose their populations and control COVID -19 outbreaks, and an IU mental health counselor provides ways to beat the winter blues. View a text transcript of the audio.

Food deserts, and emotional intelligence

February 3, 2021— IU researchers find more than a quarter of Black Hoosiers live in food deserts, and IU professors discuss how emotional intelligence may be more vital to a business’ survival than previously thought. View a text transcript of the audio.

Masks, and travel bans

February 1, 2021—An Indiana University expert discusses doubling up on face masks, and two IU professors discuss whether travel bans actually work. View a text transcript of the audio.

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