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Online civility, and protecting the health of Indigenous communities

July 30, 2021—An IU professor explores how we can achieve civility in online conversations, and an IU scientist is working to help restore the health and well-being of an Indigenous Alaskan community. View a text transcript of the audio.

Employee resignations, and diabetes-related blindness

July 28, 2021—An IU professor weighs in on the uptick in employee resignations, and a study by IU says new biomarkers may detect early eye changes that can lead to diabetes-related blindness. View a text transcript of the audio.

Polyamory, and violence toward Asian Americans

July 26, 2021—A study by the Kinsey Institute found polyamory is more common than people think, and an IU researcher discusses racism toward Asian Americans. View a text transcript of the audio.

Nonprofits, and nursing homes

July 23, 2021—A new study from IUPUI looked at the impact of COVID-19 pandemic on nonprofits, and an IU research study is one of the first to describe patterns of COVID-19 in nursing home residents. View a text transcript of the audio.

Gun violence, and social media

July 21, 2021—An IUPUI criminal justice professor discusses the rise in gun violence in America, and a new study from IU finds a connection between worsening COVID-19 city data and online sentiment. View a text transcript of the audio.

Delta variant, and MXenes

July 19, 2021—An Indiana University Northwest researcher discusses the Delta variant, and researchers at IUPUI have discovered new nanoparticles with high-tech applications including energy storage and space travel. View a text transcript of the audio.

Forever chemicals, and COVID-19 clinical trials

July 16, 2021—A group of researchers from Indiana University are helping residents make sure they have safe drinking water, and a new study looks at inconsistent findings reported in clinical trials for antiviral COVID-19 drugs. View a text transcript of the audio.

Health systems, and anxiety

July 14, 2021—A study finds that primary care physicians recognize the need for better medical care coordination, and an IU study looks at anxiety differences between females and males. View a text transcript of the audio.

Weather preparation, and summer camp

July 12, 2021—Indiana University students are helping children impacted by substance use disorder, and an IU expert discusses cities’ plans for dealing with major weather. View a text transcript of the audio.

New neurological treatment, and cannabis use during pregnancy

July 9, 2021—Indiana University researchers are developing a noninvasive brain stimulation technique to treat neurological disorders, and an IU study found prenatal THC and CBD exposure impairs offspring's ability to respond to common anxiety medication. View a text transcript of the audio.

Women’s sexual health, and concerned citizens

July 7, 2021—Two new studies at Indiana University evaluate an online resource for improving women’s sexual health and pleasure and find that Hoosiers express greater concern about future pandemics, climate change. View a text transcript of the audio.

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