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Breast cancer, and STEM

June 30, 2021—New research from the Indiana University School of Medicine suggests that obesity in women of African descent increases their risk of recurrence of breast cancer or even death, and a new program implemented in part by IUPUI will bring vital STEM education to rural students around southern Indiana. View a text transcript of the audio.

COVID-19 hospitalizations, and retinal research

June 28, 2021—IU researchers find COVID-19 hospitalizations increased as a result of state re-openings, and IU scientists have created a new way to study how the eye’s retina transmits information to the brain. View a text transcript of the audio.

Jobs, and vegetation growth

June 24, 2021—An IU researcher outlines reasons why some employees are not returning to work and what employers can do to bring them back, and a study by IU scientists found vegetation growth in the Northern Hemisphere is stunted by water constraints in warming climate. View a text transcript of the audio.

Bees, and cosmetics

June 23, 2021—Indiana University researchers identify microbe that protects bees from fungal infections, and a new study finds use of forever chemicals is widespread in cosmetics. View a text transcript of the audio.

Masking anxiety, and yoga in schools

June 21, 2021—An IU professor outlines why some people may be hesitant to stop wearing a face mask, and an IU expert talks yoga in schools. View a text transcript of the audio.

Colorectal cancer, and cyber attacks

June 18, 2021—A group of IU researchers are studying why Black people have a higher risk of colorectal cancer, and an IU cybersecurity expert offers tips for how small businesses can protect themselves against cyber attacks. View a text transcript of the audio.

Essential workers, and gun control

June 16, 2021—An IU professor outlines how the pandemic illustrates how low-wage jobs affect African Americans’ health, and an IU expert discusses the recent overturning by a federal judge of the state of California's three-decade-old ban on assault weapons. View a text transcript of the audio.

Native American partnerships, and a new model of education research

June 14, 2021—IU introduces new measures to strengthen relationships with tribal nations, and IU researchers advance a new model of research on student learning. View a text transcript of the audio.

Virtual tourism, and big data in patient care

June 11, 2021The work of an IU digital archaeologist leads to free online teletours that bring the ancient world’s most spectacular sites back to life, and an IUPUI nursing expert uses big data to improve patient care and quality of life. View a text transcript of the audio.

Crowdfunding, and kids and COVID

June 9, 2021—New IU research sheds light on crowdfunding for charity, and IU’s Aaron Carroll offers tips for families and children to safely resume activities. View a text transcript of the audio.

Ticks, and air quality

June 7, 2021—An IU professor talks tick season, and one IU researcher discusses poor air quality during warm days. View a text transcript of the audio.

Used cars, and computer science

June 4, 2021—An IU expert explains the increase in prices for used cars, and one IU school is helping teachers learn about computer science. View a text transcript of the audio.


Improving teaching environments, and HPV vaccination

June 2, 2021—An IU research scientist is working to improve teaching environments in colleges, and an IU School of Medicine professor says it’s time to get HPV vaccinations back on track. View a text transcript of the audio.

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