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Halloween safety, and black licorice

October 29, 2021—An IU expert shares tips for creating a safer Halloween experience, and one IU researcher explores the spooky side of black licorice. View a text transcript of the audio.

Privacy concerns about smart glasses, and applying AI to healthcare

October 27, 2021—An IU computer scientist outlines security concerns of augmented reality glasses, and Regenstrief Institute researchers are using AI to improve healthcare. View a text transcript of the audio.

Combating COVID-19 misinformation, and the history of Latinx communities in the Midwest

October 25, 2021—An IU public health expert says simple explanations of the scientific process may help reduce belief in health misinformation, and an IU historian examines the history of Latinx farmworkers in the Midwest. View a text transcript of the audio.

A new tool for education research, and improving diagnosis of infectious diseases

October 22, 2021—IU e-learning experts develop a new tool for testing online learning activities, and IU chemists create a new sensor for early diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases. View a text transcript of the audio.

Studying long-term effects of concussion, and how to keep best employees engaged

October 20, 2021—IU and the NCAA-U.S. Department of Defense Concussion Assessment, Research and Education Consortium continue life-changing research on effects of concussion, and an IU business management expert offers guidance on how to keep hard-working employees engaged. View a text transcript of the audio.

Social media's harmful effects, and understanding precipitation extremes

October 18, 2021—An IU Bloomington informatics expert comments on social media's impact on public health, and a geographer from IU Bloomington describes how extreme storms have gotten wetter. View a text transcript of the audio.

COVID-19-related bone loss, and new tools for colorectal cancer screening

October 15, 2021—IU School of Medicine researchers find that SARS-CoV-2 can cause bone loss, and new tools for predicting risk of colorectal cancer are developed at the IU School of Medicine. View a text transcript of the audio.

In-school policing, and mental health care for African American communities

October 13, 2021—IU policy experts look at how in-school policing practices affect students, and an IU sociologist says Black churches are a key to providing mental health care. View a text transcript of the audio.

Storytelling robots, and using AI to fight Alzheimer’s

October 11, 2021—IU robotics experts explore the use of robots to read children stories, and an IUPUI researcher is harnessing the power of AI and big data to better understand complex diseases. View a text transcript of the audio.

Pandemic sex, and climate’s impact on water resources

October 8, 2021—Kinsey Institute researchers explain how the pandemic has impacted people’s sex lives, and an IUPUI researcher is studying how ancient climate changes have affected water resources in the Andes. View a text transcript of the audio.

Child safety features, and tackling food insecurity

October 6, 2021—IU researchers offer unique insight into Apple’s recently announced child safety features, and IUPUI students are tackling food insecurity by developing an app. View a text transcript of the audio.

Net-zero emissions, and creating classroom culture

October 4, 2021—An IU business expert offers insight on “net-zero emissions” and their role in fighting climate change, and students in the IU Kokomo School of Education are learning to build relationships in their future classrooms. View a text transcript of the audio.

Political bias on social media, and training diverse STEM leaders

October 1, 2021—A new IU study finds political bias on social media emerges from users and not the platform, and an IUPUI partnership with the Navy will train student researchers to become STEM leaders. View a text transcript of the audio.

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