Record-breaking achievement in external funding for research, other activities

IU reached a university-record $854 million in external funding for research and other activities during 2019-20, the highest total of external grant funding obtained by any research university in the state during the last fiscal year.

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High-impact AI

IU's cutting-edge artificial intelligence research includes numerous key projects led by women faculty.




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Investing in research about inequities

Tackling pandemics new and old, IU is investing in racial justice research by providing seed funding to varied faculty projects.



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Creating life-saving technologies for first responders

IU's Crisis Technologies Innovation Lab has been awarded $8 million to help find new solutions for indoor 3D tracking for first responders. The funding comes from a research division of the National Institute of Standards and Technology, a part of the U.S. Department of Commerce.

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Adapting to climate change

IU’s Environmental Resilience Institute is helping Hoosier communities measure and manage heat-trapping gases that contribute to climate change through its Resilience Cohort program that matches Indiana local governments with the tools, training, and expertise needed to measure and reduce local greenhouse gas emissions.

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Reducing stigma

Working with partners, IU's Responding to the Addictions Crisis Grand Challenge has created the "In This Together" video series to help individuals, communities, and providers learn to reduce stigma around substance use disorder.


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Audio briefings on IU research news

Stay up to date on leading news, research and creative activities happening at Indiana University. Get the latest on how IU is changing your world, from the community you live in to the world we all inhabit. View a text transcript of audio.

IU Research | IU Impact

Our goal: Make life better for Hoosiers everywhere

Description of the video:

[fade to drone shot of a tractor plowing a field, music fades in, IU logo fades in]

When Hoosiers face challenges,

[drone shot of IU Bloomington campus, Text appears]

We roll up our sleeves.

[Two masked women sit talking at a table in a classroom]

We're standing with community organizations.

[A man types on a keyboard in an office]

local mayors, and the governor

[Drone shot of statue in Indianapolis, Text appears]

to fight addiction. We're making

[A tractor plows through a field]

farms and small towns more

[A farm vehicle loads product in a trailer, Text appears]

resilient to extreme weather. And we're using advances

[Lobby wall with the words PRECISION GENOMICS on it]

in precision health

[A lab worker draws liquid in a pipette Text appears:]

To give Hoosiers hope as they fight debilitating

[lab worker inspects liquid in a vial]


[A man and woman discuss while referring to a computer in a lab]

cancer and Alzheimer’s.

[close up of a woman wearing glasses smiling]

We have one goal 

[close up of a man wearing a suit smiling]

in mind

[close up of a woman]

make life better for Hoosiers

[a man in a field crosses his arms]

everywhere. Why?

[screen fades to drone shot of IU Bloomington campus, Text appears]

Because we're Indiana's University.


[IU Logo appears INDIANA UNIVERSITY Music fades out]


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