Homes in the city

70% of Indiana residents recognize research impact in their day-to-day lives

Dollar sign

2,979 funding awards made to IU faculty in 2022-23

State of Indiana

IU faculty are working with partners in all 92 Indiana counties

A person sitting at a table working with robotic parts.

Artificial Intelligence

Using innovative technology, IU researchers are bettering the lives of Hoosiers and beyond by educating rural middle school students on AI, building the next generation of cyberinfrastructure to make AI easier for scientists to use, helping doctors more quickly diagnose and treat patients, and more.

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DNA double helix


At IU, we continue to be at the core of the nation’s cancer research efforts by finding cures for more young people with osteosarcoma, developing a game-changing treatment for triple negative breast cancer, developing a framework to help more people pursue lung cancer screening and more.

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IU President Whitten seated next to US military person and both are signing documents.

Cyber & National Security

Partnering with federal agencies, IU researchers are focused on strengthening national security in critical areas including artificial intelligence, hypersonics, regenerative medicine and cybersecurity.

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A person knealing in a creek examining rocks.

Environment & Sustainability

Working alongside Indiana mayors and other state and local leaders, IU experts are helping communities assess, prepare for and respond to environmental changes, while also promoting sustainable initiatives that will make communities more resilient.

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A football player on the sidelines looking into a concussion testing device.


Curtailing concussions, fighting the addictions crisis and meeting the evolving needs of our aging population are just some of the ways IU researchers are preventing, treating and curing neurological diseases that impact countless lives in Indiana and across the world.

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Two peaople seated at a table looking at a smart phone screen.

Social Sciences

Researchers and students are engaged in multidisciplinary initiatives and partnerships throughout the state. Striving to better understand and find solutions in many key areas involving race, gender, class, health, justice and more, IU researchers are working to strengthen Indiana’s communities.

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IU Research | IU Impact

Our goal: Make life better for Hoosiers everywhere

Description of the video:

[fade to drone shot of a tractor plowing a field, music fades in, IU logo fades in]

When Hoosiers face challenges,

[drone shot of IU Bloomington campus, Text appears]

We roll up our sleeves.

[Two masked women sit talking at a table in a classroom]

We're standing with community organizations.

[A man types on a keyboard in an office]

local mayors, and the governor

[Drone shot of statue in Indianapolis, Text appears]

to fight addiction. We're making

[A tractor plows through a field]

farms and small towns more

[A farm vehicle loads product in a trailer, Text appears]

resilient to extreme weather. And we're using advances

[Lobby wall with the words PRECISION GENOMICS on it]

in precision health

[A lab worker draws liquid in a pipette Text appears:]

To give Hoosiers hope as they fight debilitating

[lab worker inspects liquid in a vial]


[A man and woman discuss while referring to a computer in a lab]

cancer and Alzheimer's.

[close up of a woman wearing glasses smiling]

We have one goal 

[close up of a man wearing a suit smiling]

in mind

[close up of a woman]

make life better for Hoosiers

[a man in a field crosses his arms]

everywhere. Why?

[screen fades to drone shot of IU Bloomington campus, Text appears]

Because we're Indiana's University.


[IU Logo appears INDIANA UNIVERSITY Music fades out]