IU Research in the News

Dark Reading

"AI is playing an integral role in cybersecurity, but that role may be a bit more understated or even invisible than the hype around AI might suggest."

— Fred Cate, Maurer School of Law and VP for Research

The New York Times

"Other countries have social safety nets; the U.S. has women."

— Jessica Calarco, Department of Sociology

The Indiana Environmental Reporter

"Community water supplies are supposed to be protected with corrosion inhibitors and through use of lead monitoring. When utilities do their job, children are protected, but not all utilities are in compliance."

— Jackie MacDonald, School of Public Health-Bloomington

Inside Indiana Business

"[We're] trying to understand the causes [of Alzheimer's disease], and also trying to understand how we can use that information to develop improve treatments so that we could potentially spare those individuals a devastating disease."

— Tatiana Foroud, IU School of Medicine