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A Pennsylvania Lawmaker and the Resurgence of Christian Nationalism

IUPUI sociologist of religion Andrew Whitehead comments on the spread of a movement centered on the belief that God intended America to be a Christian nation. New Yorker | May 9, 2021



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Americans gave a record $471 billion to charity in 2020, amid concerns about the coronavirus pandemic, job losses and racial justice

Normally, giving declines when the economy contracts. But charitable donations grew anyway, two IU researchers explain. The Conversation | June 15, 2021

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Opinion: The U.S. Needs to Stop the Confusion Over Boosters

The F.D.A. and the Biden administration need to be clearer in their communication about the goals of a booster plan, should one be put in place, says IU Chief Health Officer Aaron Carroll. The New York Times | Sept. 17, 2021



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