Artificial Intelligence

At the forefront of AI research

At IU, what sets artificial intelligence research apart is collaboration – both interdisciplinary work among AI faculty experts and work with government and industry partners – and access to IU’s world-leading university IT infrastructure.
IU is leading the way in building new pathways for educating the next generation of AI experts and our researchers are navigating complex issues such as built-in bias in algorithms, whether robots have rights, the spread of misinformation and more.

Featured stories

Virtual reality aids substance use disorder

Indiana University researchers receive over $4.9 million from the National Institutes of Health to combine psychological principles with innovative virtual reality technology to create a new immersive therapy for people with substance use disorders. 

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Digitizing factories and warehouses

IU's Amrou Awaysheh and his team are using AI to help companies digitize factories and warehouses to increase their competitive advantage in the global marketplace.


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Designing AI assistants for elders

IU researcher Aqueasha Martin-Hammond is designing AI conversational assistants to support older adults and their social wellness.

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AI research by the numbers:

2research centers at IU Bloomington and IUPUI are focused on advancing the science of AI

25%of the world's research and education internet traffic runs across an IU-managed network

71,0003GB brain scans can be processed in RAM simultaneously by Big Red 200