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A great university must do a great many things very well. Many of those great things emerge from the outstanding researchers, scholars, writers, and creative artists who make up our university’s faculty across the state. Explore this page to learn about some recent faculty accomplishments, and learn more about the history of IU faculty honors and awards.

Faculty research profiles

IUPUI's 2021 Research Frontiers Trailblazers

IUPUI's annual research award honors the innovation and scholarly accomplishments of faculty who address critical problems facing our state and the world, while also engaging students in the excitement of discovery and research.

Meet this year's award recipients

Student, faculty partner on wood frog research

Working together in the lab, IU Kokomo Professor Michael Finkler and student Raheal Takwe studied differences in body composition between male and female wood frogs, which are known for their ability to survive freezing.

Learn more about Fisher's and Takwe's work

EMPOWER program marks 10 years of faculty support

Over the last 10 years, IUPUI's EMPOWER mentoring program has supported the research advancement of hundreds of underrepresented and/or excluded IUPUI faculty.


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Making research experiences accessible to undergrads

IU Northwest professor Jenny Fisher works hard to put meaningful research assistantships within the reach of undergraduates.


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Transforming art through technology

Assistant Professor Susanna Crum is expanding the artist's toolbox using 21st- century computer-driven tools.



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Improving cancer diagnoses, treatments

IUPUI nursing professor Diane Von Ah served on a National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine committee that released a comprehensive report on the diagnosis and treatment of breast and lung cancers.

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