Our Faculty

A community of excellence

As IU’s Principles of Excellence recognize, a great university must do a great many things very well. Many of those great things emerge from the outstanding researchers, scholars, writers, and creative artists who make up our university’s faculty across the state. Explore this page to learn about some recent faculty accomplishments, and learn more about the history of IU faculty honors and awards.

Bicentennial research profiles

Andrea Quenette, IU East

Andrea Quenette helps ensure that when students go out into the world professionally, they are ready to face obstacles and challenges.

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Patrick Motl, IU Kokomo

Patrick Motl studies the strange world of super-dense neutron stars.

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Yllka Azemi, IU Northwest

Business professor Yllka Azemi is using experiential learning to help students help local businesses thrive.

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Susanna Crum, IU Southeast

Assistant Professor Susanna Crum is expanding the artist's toolbox using 21st century computer-driven tools.

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