Next Generation Cyberprofessionals

Creating the next generation of cyberprofessionals

The digital cybercrime havoc that has proliferated over the last two decades will only continue at an exponential pace. To prevent criminals from further infiltrating network systems and hacking Americans’ personal data, our businesses, universities, and families alike need a specialized workforce dedicated to protecting their privacy and assets.

Spanning the field’s interdisciplinary areas across technology, business, and law, IU’s MS in Cybersecurity Risk Management is preparing students to tackle the most complex issues in cybersecurity and data privacy. Launched in 2017, the program is designed to train students for careers in cybersecurity consulting, litigation, information systems, government security and regulation, and more.

Mason Clark and Janaki Reddy Gaddam are two recent graduates from program, and their stories offer a glimpse into tomorrow’s cybersecurity workforce.


IU’s MS in Cybersecurity Risk Management program breaks new ground by introducing today’s leaders to the technical, legal, and business dimensions of cybersecurity. This multidisciplinary perspective is essential to understanding and mitigating cyber threats facing companies and countries today.

Scott Shackelford, chair of the cybersecurity program