Fighting a pandemic with research and scholarship

As COVID-19 has transformed our communities, nation, and world, IU researchers have worked to advance understanding of the virus, test vaccines, and develop protections while also keeping policymakers, industry and community leaders, journalists, and the public informed. Read on to learn about some of the remarkable research and collaborative partnerships created as part of our shared fight against COVID-19.

Description of the video:

Music plays 

Image of coronavirus moves on screen

Text A global pandemic is threatening lives.

Image of woman sitting inside on couch.

Text: Sowing fear.

Image of empty urban streets.

Text: And changing how we see the world.

Overhead image of empty urban streets.

Text: But even when the world stops …

Image of Sample Gates on the IU Bloomington campus

Text: Hoosier researchers keep going.

Music gets louder and faster

Image of woman donning a face mask.

Text: We’re fighting the virus head-on.

Image of person in orange hazmat suit approaching a hospital room.

Text: Collaborating with other experts in business, government and medicine.

Image of woman in PPE looking through microscope in medical facility.

Text: Creating a vaccine to protect children.

Image of man putting on special face mask 

And developing COVID-killing masks.

Images of virus particles.

Headlines of stories about IU research drop on to the screen.

Text: Our public health experts are shaping critical response efforts …

Text: Responding to the racial inequity of COVID-19 and saving lives.

Image of rural green forested land 

Text: And we’re partnering to track coronavirus across rural Indiana.

Image of woman in PPE administering COVID-19 test to person in car wearing mask. 

Text: We launched the nation’s first statewide study to shape Indiana’s pandemic response.

Image of man and woman with microscope working in a lab.

Text: We rise to the challenge.

Text: As researchers and leading experts.

Overhead image of the IU Bloomington campus

Text: Because that’s what Hoosiers everywhere deserve.

Image of microscope

Text: We rise to the challenge  

Overhead image of a clock tower on the IU Bloomington campus.

Text: Because we are Indiana’s university.

Screen fades to read, with IU logo and

Music stops.