Race and Ethnicity

Center for Research on Race and Ethnicity in Society 

The Center for Research on Race and Ethnicity in Society at IU Bloomington promotes research on race and ethnicity, bringing together scholars across interdisciplinary units for dialogue and collaboration, and training the next generation of scholars on race and ethnicity.

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Center for Research on Inclusion and Social Policy

The Center for Research on Inclusion and Social Policy, a part of the Public Policy Institute in the O’Neill School of Public and Environmental Affairs at IUPUI, examines systemic issues at the intersection of social policy and equity. Their findings help policymakers, local organizations, and residents make informed decisions in the face of disparities and inequities.


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IU South Bend Civil Rights Heritage Center

The Civil Rights Heritage Center at IU South Bend is a meeting space for university and the community, hosting public events on issues and concerns of local and national importance, serving as a community resource for local grassroots activism and as a living museum that simultaneously preserves and honors past struggles for civil rights and social justice in the Northern Indiana region.

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Stories of interest

Enslaved people’s health was ignored from the country’s beginning

Health disparities between Black and white Americans persist in the United States. To fix what is wrong today, we must look at the inequities of the past to understand how racism continues to produce those disparities, and at ways that persistence can be interrupted, says Eric Kyere, IUPUI professor of social work.

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How does racism impede progress toward addressing climate change?

According to Elizabeth Grennan Browning, an environmental historian and fellow at IU's Environmental Resilience Institute, “the first step to addressing climate change requires addressing systemic racism.”


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Racial Justice Research Fund advances faculty efforts to fight racial injustice

To broadly address critical racial equity and justice issues, IU’s new Racial Justice Research Fund is providing funding for projects from across IU that address the systemic conditions sustaining racism in our country.


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Explore what IU researchers across the state are doing to address racial justice