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Revealing how society works

Research in the social sciences gives us insights into our human behavior in all its social and cultural contexts. These explanations of human behavior patterns and their consequences illuminate how our society works—from the economy to politics to what makes people happy.

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Assessing the social consequences of the pandemic

Researchers at Indiana University are studying how social inequality and social interactions are coevolving during the pandemic and how they interact to shape our health and well-being.

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Analyzing 'us v. them' language in politics, policy

Using almost 100 years of speeches from the U.S. Congressional Record, an IU researcher and colleagues are studying how members of Congress use language to draw boundaries and define who is “American” and who is not.

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Understanding Christian nationalism

IUPUI sociologist Andrew Whitehead and co-author Sam Perry of the University of Oklahoma have published a new book that provides the first large-scale empirical understanding of how widely-held the belief is that the U.S. is a Christian nation.

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