August 13, 2021 - IU Research Impact

IU joins $40M NSF AI research initiative, advancing AI to improve lives

Helping teachers better tailor learning for students in different communities and making the next generation of cyberinfrastructure easier to use for scientists and non-experts alike are the aims of two new national AI research institutes in which IU is a principal member.

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Social, environmental factors increase COVID-19 community risk

Understanding the complicated mix of social and environmental factors that make different communities more vulnerable to COVID-19 is a major public health concern. A new IU study offers new insights into how compounding factors can increase COVID-19 risks.

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Preserving telescope's legacy for future science

The famed Arecibo Observatory telescope in Puerto Rico, featured in films such as "Contact", sustained damage in 2020, and the telescope shut down. But thanks to an international collaboration, including an IUPUI data scientist, thousands of hours of data will still be available to astronomers for many years to come.

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Studying neutron stars

As part of a new research hub, IU physicists are studying neutron stars to better understand the nature of matter at its most extreme, research that may help reveal details about the universe that allow study of the cosmos in fundamentally new ways.

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Inequities in early childhood interventions

Across the U.S., young children with developmental delays or disabilities receive a wide range of services through state-based programs — but are they equitable? An IU researcher is exploring that question in the state of Indiana's early intervention system.

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