August 27, 2021 - IU Research Impact

Indiana AI Week—Join the conversation!

Starting this Monday, Aug. 30, Indiana AI Week will feature five days of virtual presentations and discussions bringing together faculty, business leaders, federal officials and others to foster future collaborations. Featured speakers include U.S. Senator Todd Young and Erwin Gianchandani, the National Science Foundation's deputy assistant director for computer and information science and engineering.

IU sponsored funding for FY 2021

Indiana University received nearly $733 million in sponsored funding for research, instruction, and service in FY 2021.

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Early COVID-19 vaccinations save nearly 140,000 lives

During the first five months of U.S. vaccination efforts, 139,393 deaths were prevented, according to a new study by IU and RAND Corp.

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Studying the past sheds light on today's immigration issues

An IUPUI anthropologist sheds light on today’s immigration issues through stories of Jewish immigration to Indiana in the early 20th century.

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Insect farming to address food shortages

To combat climate change and a shrinking food supply, scientists at IU, along with industrial partners, are exploring the use of insects as food and feed in agriculture.

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