July 30, 2021 - IU Research Impact

Restoring health and well-being to Alaskan Indigenous people

Erika Apatiki, community health researcher, collects invertebrates at a community-based environmental health research institute on Alaska's St. Lawrence Island.

Deep in the Bering Sea, Alaska's Yupik communities are at risk from modern-day chemicals including PCBs. An IU researcher is investigating the chemical contamination to help restore and sustain the health and traditional way of life of Alaska's Indigenous peoples.

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Understanding spreading patterns of Alzheimer’s

IU research may improve understanding of the spread of plaques and tangles that are the hallmark of Alzheimer's disease and lead to new measures to preserve brain function by exploring links between Alzheimer’s and connectomics, an area of neuroscience.

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Hoosier concern over future pandemics growing

According to the Hoosier Life Survey 2.0, from IU's Environmental Resilience Institute, nearly 1 in 2 Indiana residents anticipate being affected by disease outbreak in the next decade — compared to 1 out of 5 who felt the same in 2019.

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Can we ever have civil conversation online?

An IU social scientist is investigating how political deliberation and polarization play out on Facebook with the goal of helping move online conversation from polarization to inclusion.

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Vegetation stunted in warming climate

In a first-of-its-kind study, IU researchers found that vegetation growth in the Northern Hemisphere over the past 30 years is becoming increasingly water-limited as global temperatures increase.

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