June 20, 2023 - IU Research Impact

Uncovering Saturn's secrets

Saturn’s rings are much younger than scientists once thought, according to new research from Indiana University Professor Emeritus of Astronomy Richard Durisen — and they are not here to stay.

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Stronger crops

A method to enhance the immune system of plants to prevent disease loss and reduce dependence on pesticides has been developed by Distinguished Professor of Biology Roger Innes.

Understanding the pipeline

To better understand and help address the shortage of licensed mental and behavioral health professionals in Indiana, a new project is underway with support from Lilly Endowment Inc. and led by Hannah Maxey at the Bowen Center for Health Workforce Research and Policy.

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Funding opportunities

  • The Irsay Institute is offering a Fellowship program for graduate students involved in sociomedical sciences at Indiana University Bloomington.The fellowship stipend award is $11,000 per semester and does not include a fee remission. Deadline: July 17.
  • Looking for additional funding opportunities? Use Pivot to search for external funding to support your work. Private foundation and corporate funding is also available through the Office of Business Partnerships and the Office of Foundation Relations.